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Gentle Hatha Yoga is a wonderful start to your day! This class has the perfect balance of energizing poses and relaxing restorative poses. A great class for those just starting yoga, those who are looking to soothe aches or those just wanting a beautiful start to their day! This class also ends with essential oil aromatherapy.
Kids Yoga(5-8yrs)/Youth Yoga(9-12yrs) together we explore poses, proper alignment, balance, strength and breath work, followed by yoga games for energy and endurance.
Yoga for Weight Loss is a fitness driven yoga class built in an interval training style. Meant to raise the heart rate for a minute or so during a short intense period and then return the heart rate to normal in a resting period. This class has a longer period of the “work phase” then most normal classes with about 15 minutes of deep stretches and relaxation at the end.
Restorative is an extremely relaxing, loving practice for your body and soul, meant to restore and relax you. Most asanas/poses are supine, with very slow movement and a longer guided relaxation/meditation period at the end.
Just Move this class is perfect for; Chronic Illnesses, Pre/Postnatal, Injury Recovery, Back Pain, Beginners, Muscle Imbalances and More!
Evening Hatha Yoga In this class we practice focused awareness on love for our body, breath and mind through asanas/poses, pranayama breathing techniques and savasana our finial relaxation.
Chakra Infused Through these yoga poses, you have the ability to completely link your mind with your body, providing complete control and relaxation. Chakra Yoga includes postures that work to balance physical parts within the body while meditatively and physically renewing organs, cells and other body building blocks. These classes involve the release of stress, the increase of energy all through properly relaxing the entire body and moving through yoga poses. Chakra Yoga connects proper breathing techniques for an increase in mental and bodily energy, charging the body and developing better concentration through your practice.
Hot yoga is a vigorous form of yoga performed in a heated room to 95F-105F. The asanas/poses are core based using strength and balance. The postures require lengthy and well-controlled contractions of all major muscle groups. The nature of the poses and the heat are designed to raise your heart rate and tire your muscles. The heat increases your flexibility in the asanas/poses. With all your sweating, you sweat out the toxins within your body. The heat and the asanas/poses can also help increase your circulation, weight loss and pain relief as well as your flexibility.
Hatha Yoga (meaning healthy) is a healthy practice to help keep your body, mind and soul healthy through breath and movement. In a Hatha class you may use breathing techniques/pranayama and meditation/dyana along with your poses/asanas with the goal of creating a healthy body and a clear, peaceful mind. In a Hatha class the poses/asanas help to increase circulation, stretch and align your body while promoting strength, balance and flexibility.
Yoga 101 If you’re new to yoga or have fallen out of practice or just need a refresher then this could be the class for you. This yoga 101 flow is the perfect way to ease into a yoga routine! This yoga 101 flow is focused on helping you start a yoga habit. You can worry about more strenuous poses later when yoga has become part of your day-to-day. In this class we slowly flow through poses and break them down to get our alignment, balance and posture proper for our body as we move into the pose. We still flow from one pose to another just taking time to listen to our body as we come into each pose with proper alignment.
Vinyasa Flow/Yoga 101 An energizing foundational class that focuses on the proper alignment of each pose to help prevent injury during practice. This class is wonderful for beginners as well as avid yogis looking to fine tune their practice.
Vinyasa (meaning breath with pose) Flow is a more aggressive flow meant to warm your body and remind you that you’re alive! Wake up your senses flowing through your poses, connecting your body movements with your breath. Usually challenge asanas/poses are offered for those looking to expand their yoga experience. All levels can attend and be given options/modifications to aid in their practice.
Yin Yoga is a practice that is part of the restorative family, that is accessible at all levels. Yin targets mobility of the joints and other connective tissues. In a Yin Yoga class we hold poses for longer periods of time and use gravity to fully allow the body and mind to release tension and stress. Yin is the perfect class to counter our active lifestyles while increasing ones flexibility. Some say after leaving a yin class they feel as though they have just had a relaxing massage.
Morning Hatha Yoga is a practice led on the gentle side, starting off slower for the day. Still flowing through standing poses with additional options given to strengthen or challenge your practice. This flow typically has a longer period to warm up in the beginning, followed by about 15 minutes “work phase” and then moving into deeper stretches and relaxation.
Power & Restore is a wonderful combination of both the intense and restful qualities of yoga. The first half of class you will experience the more active, faster-paced style of Hatha yoga and the second half is a transition to a very relaxing, grounding and meditative practice. This class offers a perfect balance of the best of both worlds. Feeling empowered and recharged after leaving this class.

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Red Tree Yoga 101: The Basics
$20 | applied to new student offer if purchased same day 

Looking for…
Less stress in your life?
A sustainable, powerful workout?
More focus and peace?

Everyone starts at the beginning—the first yoga class. It can be intimidating, scary, hopeful, fearful, invigorating and exciting all at once. Red Tree’s Yoga 101 was created to take any intimidation and fear you might have out of your first class and put comfort, ease, and fun in instead!

Absolutely everyone, every.single.person you see practicing in any yoga studio, or posting yoga poses on social media, or doing headstands in the park, was a first time yogi.

They couldn’t touch their toes, they didn’t know where the bathroom was or what the blocks were for, they didn’t own a mat or even any yoga pants, for that matter.

But something moved them to investigate yoga. Too much stress, needed to lose weight, broken hearts, new beginnings, or even just curiosity about all the fuss around yoga are all reasons (initially) people come to their first yoga class.

And that’s all it takes—a simple step to commit to just sniffing around yoga a bit. Trying it on, seeing how it fits your body. Yoga 101 at Red Tree is the perfect time and place to do just that!

Once you are done with this workshop you will feel right at home on your mat and at Red Tree Yoga!

You will learn:

  • basic poses/names
    We’ll cover proper alignment to avoid injury
  • Basic yoga philosophy (hint: yoga is not a religion)
  • How to use props to deepen your practice

What you will need:

  • An open and present mind
  • 90 minutes of uninterrupted time
  • Clothing you can move easily in
  • Bare feet

Who is this for? Anyone who:

  • Has never done yoga
  • Has done yoga but not in a long time
  • Wants to get to know us at Red Tree and get comfortable in our studio
  • Wants to help a friend get started on their yoga path

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